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Some of Our Customer Reviews

Here’s what some satisfied customers have to say

Soo happy with this company! They are a life saver! Their team is amazing and their services are very reliable

Lynette Ferrera, 02/22/2019

Wonderful people - great service!

Skip Gilbrech, 05/05/2019

Bravo Messenger is fantastic!!! Everyone in the office is quick, efficient & answer the phone themselves & talk to you! Amazing! Big Shout OUT to Pam, office mgr extraordinaire, who gets the trucks scheduled & your delivery handled l perfectly. Highly recommended!! Bravo is the Best!

Diane M Lopez, 07/04/2019

Hi Pam-

Thank you for the delivery and set up was top notch as always. I would like to personally Tip your delivery guy as he wasn't there yet when I left after midnight. How can I go about that? It does not go unnoticed as I had another rental company that did a terrible job!

I have copied the institute as they will pay the delivery invoice.

Thank you!

Shannon, 10/29/2019

40 Years of Same-Day, On-Time Deliveries Within the New Jersey & New York Metro Areas and Beyond