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We are Careful and Discreet with Your Package

We pride ourselves on careful and discreet deliveries at Bravo Messenger Service. We offer same-day and even immediate delivery. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll cut corners to get the job done. That’s because our drivers know what they’re doing and how to safely and quickly drive through NYC and New Jersey on their way to their destination. They understand how to handle and store packages marked “fragile,” and give their deliveries the appropriate urgency when a package is marked “rush” or “urgent.”

We realize the importance of the legal documents we’re delivering. After all, you can’t do business without the pricey equipment we’re delivering, and your deposition requires the material we’re taking to you. You can trust us to be on time.

man standing with clipboard behind cargo van filled with packages

Our 24/7 Logistics Support is Second-to-None

We’re available 24/7. Whether you own a law firm and need important documents delivered promptly or are a food wholesaler who relies on weekly deliveries, we’re the logistics company for you. We maintain a large fleet of cars, trucks, and vans, and we can deliver throughout New York and New Jersey, including the New York Metro area. Most importantly, our drivers give your packages the same care they would give their own.

We Pride Ourselves on Friendly and Accessible Service

We’re proud of our accessibility. You’ll never be directed to a voicemail, an automated phone directory, or placed on hold when you call. Each call is important to us, and we take great pride in our dispatchers’ performance. If you need it, your parcel will be there in a matter of hours, as tightly packed and neat as it was when it left. We urge you to contact us if you have any questions about our services. We built our reputation on friendly customer service, and we’re proud to carry on that long-standing tradition.

40 Years of Same-Day, On-Time Deliveries Within the New Jersey & New York Metro Areas and Beyond